For temperature dependence (cryofurnace)

  • The minimum temperature is ∼7 K and the maximum temperature is 800 K.
  •  (Currently, we have only tested up to 600 K.)

  • The cryofurnace is supported by the motorized xyz stage, which moves ±2.5 mm for x and y-axes, and ±5 mm for z -axis.
  •   The edge of the cryofurnace has an M4 hole with 5 mm depth, to accept the sample holders, and the nominal beam position* locates 30 mm far from this edge.
      We can send the standard sample holders (see below) to the users on request.

  • In low teperature (low-T) measurements, the inner Be window (φ12 mm) with He exchange gas is sometimes recommended for precise temperature control.

  • The sample holder should (1) support the sample (2) provide thermal contact (3) not create background.
  •   For low-T measurements, GE varnish (GE7031) or silver paste is usually used.

  • See also some tips for single crystal measurements.

  • Standard Sample Holders

    Type 1 Holder (for low-T mesurements)
    Type 2 Holder (for reflecting geometry)
    Type 3 Holder
    Type 4 Holder
    Type 5 Holder
    * Nominal beam position when the cryofrunace is off and the z-motor position is zero.
    When the cryofrunace is turned on, the sample holder moves up ~1 mm along the z-direction, due to shrinkage of the cryostat.

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    updated in Aug. 2021.