Beam Focusing at BL35-IXS

Bent Cylindrical Mirror (usual operating conditions)
Beam Size ∼80 µm(V) × 80 µm(H) FWHM (typical for 17.794 keV)
∼50 µm(V) × 80 µm(H) FWHM (typical for 21.747 keV)
Incident Divergence ∼0.1 mrad(V) × 0.2 mrad(H) FWHM
Incident Angle ∼4.2 mrad, upward

KB Mirrors (optional setup, ~50% throughput, 1 Day Setup Time)
Beam Size ∼20 µm(V) × 20 µm(H) FWHM (typical)
approximately Lorentzian.
Incident Divergence ∼0.4 mrad(V) × 2 mrad(H) FWHM
Incident Angle ∼0.4 mrad, downward

    The KB setup severely limits the range of angular motion of the sample. Omega will move only to positive values, the chi-range can also be reduced
    The setup time is about 1 day. Please include this in your requested proposal time.
    The KB setup will reduce the flux at the sample by about a factor of 2.
    Do note that the increased beam divergence can affect your momentum resolution.
    Only vertical or only horizontal focusing is possible. The losses of the setup are primarily from the horizontal focusing.